What do I need to qualify for the Medical Cannabis Program?

In order to qualify for the Medical Cannabis Program all the following criteria must be met:

  • The patient has a medical condition that is listed under the qualifying medical conditions for the Medical Cannabis Program.
  • The patient's medical condition is chronic and debilitating.
  • The benefits of using medical cannabis outweigh the risks.

What is a Medical Cannabis Card?

A medical cannabis card is given to patients upon being approved for the Medical Cannabis Program. You are required to have this card when you are in possession or using medical marijuana.

Once you have your card, you can start going to medical cannabis dispensaries to purchase medical products.

What do I need to send off for my Medical Card?

 In order to apply for a medical cannabis card in New Mexico you will need the following:

  • information form filled out completely
  • certification form signed by a medical practitioner (Which we provide!)
  • valid New Mexico driver's license or state ID
  • supporting medical records

How long does it usually take to hear something back about my Medical Cannabis Card?

The Medical Cannabis Program has 30 days to review your application from the time they receive it in the office. Turn around time is typically 2-4 weeks.

How long is my card good for?

Your Medical Marijuana card is good for 1 year. You must re-enroll 30 days before its expiration date to stay valid and legal.

Can I grow my own cannabis in New Mexico?

 Yes! If you have your Personal Production License. You must first fill out a Personal Production Application form and submit it along with your initial application. Once approved, you will receive a Personal Production License in the mail. You can legally grow up to 16 plants, 4 of which can be mature. 

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